The stories they tell: themes of Vanka’s murals

Maxo Vanka’s murals tell timeless tales through a variety of lenses.

  • Immigrants to America see that Maxo’s story is that of all of us, what it’s like to create a new life in a new land.
  • History buffs see the impact of war and industrialization as it comes to life on the painted walls.
  • People of all walks of life, from students to seniors, appreciate the themes of social justice that are just as relevant today.
  • Religious scholars find inspiration in the spiritual story that plays out across the church walls.
  • Art enthusiasts marvel at Maxo’s bold technique, while appreciators of conservation see what happens when art meets science.

The murals means something different for everyone. Which is why we’re working to create specific experiences thanks to a comprehensive interpretive planning process. Stay tuned.

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