Conservation in Progress

The conference in Limassol, Cyprus was the second international conference on the topic of Salt Weathering on Buildings and Stone Sculptures. The first conference was held in 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark. This year’s conference was attended by 75 specialists on salts from 22 different countries. Most participants were material scientists, conservators of stone, and conservation chemists who focus on preservation of heritage sites. There were some petrologists, archaeologists and two other paintings conservators, one who specializes in the treatment of wall paintings. Ioannis Ioannou and Magdalini Theodoridou from the University of Cyprus organized and hosted the conference. Keynote speakers were Andrea Hamilton from the University of Edinburg and Ákos Török from the Budapest University of Technology, Hungary. Bernard Smith from the University of Belfast was scheduled as a keynote speaker, as well, but he was unable to attend the conference (read full Report as PDF, click here).

Nanoparticles for Stabilization of Salts in St. Nicholas Church
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Salt Weathering on Buildings & Stone Sculptures
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