“We appreciate the opportunity to contribute our creative and technical expertise to a project with such profound historical and cultural significance. Rob Long, Clear Story



The Society will illuminate the murals with new, state-of-the-art, museum quality artificial lighting, and employ a combination of indirect and direct sources to control long-term effects. The plan includes adjustable, dimmable low-wattage elements that minimize the harmful UV and infrared emissions and offer the ability to adjust brightness appropriate to both exhibition of the murals and Church activities.

Lighting – Phase I Implementation

Electrical upgrades to permanently light four vertical/corner murals – Injustice, Justice, Prudence and Mati 1941 and install 90% of the lighting controls needed for the remainder of the lighting.

Regarding the goals of the lighting design, Rob Long, Principal and Creative Director, Clear Story states: “We are interested in exploring the ways that lighting can elevate the visitor experience and contribute to the story of the place, helping to focus the program presentation and improving the understanding of the historic material.”

Lighting – Phase II

Final installation of all lighting fixtures and the remaining controls.