Lighting – Phase I

SPMMMV successfully completed the implementation of Phase I of the Clear Story Lighting Design including 95% of the electrical upgrades and controls to support the full installation and the permanent lighting of four of the 1941 Murals: Injustice, Justice, Prudence and Mati 1941 in March 2016.

Thanks to the generosity of more than 200 individuals and the support of The Heinz Endowments and The Fine Foundation through the Lights! Campaign, SPMMMV raised the $60,000 needed to complete this first and dramatic installment of lighting.

You can see the transformative effect of the new lighting on every SPMMMV Tour. This is the first time in 75 years that portions of Vanka’s Millvale Masterpiece have been properly illuminated.

What’s Next?

Thanks to the generous support of Maria Dworsky, Mary April Holcomb, the Pappa Family and Seldon V. Whitaker, Jr. SPMMMV has raised $20,000 to turn the lights on four additional murals in 2016.  Watch for the illumination announcement for these 1937 Murals: Pieta, Crucifixion, Croatian Mother Gives Her Son for War and Immigrant Mother Gives Her Sons for American Industry.

Phase II of the Lighting Design will be implemented in coordination with ongoing conservation and the availability of funding. It is estimated at approximately $150,000.

The current funding priority is the conservation of The Battlefield Scenes. SPMMMV’s Conservation team is waiting for the funding-dependent go-ahead to begin work on these fragile Murals. We are grateful to the Snee Reinhardt Charitable Foundation for their leadership support. The goal is $80,000 with $55,000 remaining to be raised. A minimum of $15,000 must be raised before work can begin.

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