Gift Opportunities

Gift Opportunities


Unrestricted Giving – Area of Greatest Need

Unrestricted contributions are allocated to the area of greatest need as determined by the SPMMMV Board of Directors. In general support of the mission, your donation will help to restore, light, raise awareness and sustain the murals for generations to come.


Donors may direct their support to conservation and/or the conservation of a specific murals. SPMMMV will gratefully recognize contributions supporting the conservation of specific murals. Although naming rights will not be displayed in St. Nicholas, a permanent plaque, tour information and any printed histories of the murals will include the acknowledgement of the contributors making generous gifts to the project and specific murals. Donations may be made for completed murals still noted as available and the remaining murals.


Donations may be designated to lighting for the murals. A minimum of $500 is required to restrict the donation to a specific mural. Exclusive recognition is available for donations that fully underwrite the cost of lighting for a particular Mural. Lighting costs vary depending on the size of the Mural and the light fixture. For more information :

Phase I

Phase II will complete the installation of all lighting fixtures and the controls. The date for completion will be coordinated with the conservation and has not yet been determined. The estimated cost of completing the lighting project is $150,000.

Restricted Donations

In addition to the designated gift opportunities listed above, individuals and institutional donors have advanced the mission of the Society with their restricted support of things like scaffolding and website development. SPMMMV welcomes the opportunity to discuss a restricted gift with any donor. Acceptance of the gift is governed by the Society’s Gift Acceptance Policies.

Gifts In Honor or In Memory

SPMMMV gratefully accepts tribute donations in honor or in memory of a person, persons or specific occasions. We’ll follow your instructions in regards to notification and recognition.

Questions or need more information:

  • Anna Doering, Managing Director
  • 412-352-0365 (c)
  • 412-408-3180 (office/voicemail)