Paint the town Maxo

Many thanks

to everyone who supported and attended this year’s Party to Benefit the Vanka Murals!

It was a beautiful night in Millvale. We look forward to celebrating with you again next year!!

Another round of applause for our festival partners, collaborators and players!

ACE Conservators

(Ana Alba, Patty Buss, Rikke Foulke), Daphne Alderson, David Bennett, Roman Benty, Steffi Domike, Iain Crammond, Becky Gaugler, Doug Khourey, Michelle King, Jim Ledoux & Zena Ruiz

Master of Ceremonies

Wali Jamal

Produced by

Lynne Squilla


Christiane Dolores, Max Gonzales, Maggie Negrete & Cue Perry


Corey Carrington

Made possible through the support of the Opportunity Fund

Abeille Voyante Tea Co.
Lucky Sign Spirits
Slo Coast Taco Shop
Vecenie Distributing Company
Logo (round image)

Live music provided by

Westinghouse Atom Smasher

With thanks to our event sponsors

Gift to America 2.0 Tent Sponsor

Julia Bubanovich & Alecia McKee

Art Action Tent Sponsor

Marya & John Halderman


Ron Bruno – The Videohouse, Jamini V. Davies, Dr. Richard Moriarty, Shane Suders

a partner of UNESCO International Day of Light

Pamela Abdalla, Lori Andersen, Duquesne University Honors College, John & Helen Timo Foundation, Rebecca & Donald Kretschmann, William Lafe & Carol Hochman, Jennifer Novotny Mulrooney, Orie & Zivic in association with Kelleher & Rogers Ltd of Hong Kong, Kathleen Roberts, Rosanne Saunders, Meredith Stepp, Fred & Donna Zelt


Anonymous, Franjo & Mirjana Bertovic, Susan & David Brownlee, Mary Ellen & Paul Byers, Christie Clayton & Michael Burkitt, Anna Doering & Kevin Crawford, Steffi Domike, Christine Erimias, Linda Esposto, Kate Freed & Jack Brice, Joseph Goode, Jr., Maya Haptas, Carolyn Kazdin, Shelley Kobuck & Thurman Gardner, Louis Kroeck, Elaine Linkenheimer, Scott Magaw, Chris & Heather McGinnis, Joseph & Cheryl McLaughlin, Jan McMannis & Tony Buba, Christine & Marc Mondor, Mary Navarro, Diane Novosel & Sam Iusi, Mary T. Petrich, Shanae Phillips & Robert Chaffin, Judy Ruszkowski & Ken Regal, The Grail Law Firm, Jeannette & Donald Thomas, Rosemary Trump

Listing as of 5/13/2022

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