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Gift to America 2.0:
New Voices. New Walls.

With the support of the Opportunity Fund, the Society to Preserve the Millvale Murals of Maxo Vanka offers four individual commissions to local BIPOC and/or Immigrant artists.

The commission: to create a visual work for installation that may be viewed by multi-generational audiences, embodying a contemporary perspective on the theme(s) of: justice, injustice, immigrant experience and/or motherhood. Each commission is $2,500 all-inclusive if completed by one or more artists.

In 2021, it will be 80 years since the immigrant artist, Maxo Vanka, completed his second cycle of Murals at St. Nicholas Church. Since then, the artist’s “Gift to America” has honored the local and national immigrant story and celebrated the strength of community while proclaiming truths about economic inequality, social injustice, immigrant sacrifice to national progress and the horrors of war. These themes repeat through every generation and there are new stories to be heard and understood.

In support of the creative process, the artists will help to design and engage in at least one immersive experience with BIPOC and/or Immigrant-serving organization(s) to understand and be inspired by the experiences and perspectives of the communities they serve. Artists may suggest organizations they know and/or are actively working with to include in this project. Experience as an artist-educator strengthens the application. Interest and willingness to teach and collaborate are a must.

The finished works will be unveiled in Millvale in Spring 2022. SPMMMV will organize up to 3 additional installation opportunities in diverse communities throughout Allegheny County in 2022.

Full details are available by request:

Application Deadline: October 15, 2021
Artist Notification: October 29, 2021

Commission requirements include participation in community engagement activities, public unveiling and other installation activities to be determined through a collaborative process.