Multigenerational Programs

There are points of connection throughout the Murals that can bring diverse communities, multigenerational audiences, and people’s lived experiences together.

It has become more important than ever to create spaces for people to gather, connect, and share experiences together in community. We are creating opportunities for family members to be together and communicate what matters to them through conversation and creative expression.

Visit our Events page to find what what’s coming up for families and multigenerational audiences at the Vanka Murals.

School & Youth Field Trips

Visit the murals of Maxo Vanka with your middle or high school students. Skilled educators facilitate discussions and activities using the imagery and themes of the murals, while leaving plenty of opportunities for student-led exploration. Submit a request on our Field Trips page

Professional Development Workshops

Programs for teachers and educators focus on building a community of learners to share stories, inspire ideas for student learning, and reflect on the meaning of love and justice with the Vanka Murals. Options for day-long and half-day professional development workshops are possible, and can include space in the basement for meeting, food, and activities. Costs vary, email to discuss options.

“Best PD I have been to in a long time. I loved the small group feel.”
“I had such a great time today. That was the best and most well-planned PD that I have ever been to. Thank you for your hard work in putting it together.”

– Pittsburgh Public School teachers following a day-long Professional Development

Virtual and In-Classroom Opportunities

We recognize there may be various barriers to accessing on-site programs at the Murals. To reach those audiences for whom in-person tours are not possible, but who still want the conversation, community, and learning opportunities, we are piloting programs for local groups by providing off-site and virtual programs. To learn more, and inquire about participating in a potential pilot programs, email


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