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Family/Multi-generational Group Programming with the Vanka Murals

SUNDAY, MAY 16TH: 12:30PM or 2:00PM
SUNDAY, MAY 23RD: 12:30PM or 2:00PM

An interactive and conversational experience designed especially for families or groups who have children and grown-ups of various ages. The session will last 60 minutes. Participants will be asked to participate in a 15 minute feedback session at the end of the tour or via a post-visit phone survey.

Any family/friend group with at least one adult and one child (can be more adults/children). We are especially interested in groups with children of various ages (ages 3-17) and adults of various ages (18-90+). Think multi-generational!

Admission is free. Registration is required and limited to 16.

Masked group visiting the murals
Maksimilijan Vanka, Our Mothers 1914-1918 (Naše Majke 1914.-1918.), ca. 1918-19, oil on canvas, 54 x 72.5 inches, James A. Michener Art Museum, Michener Art Endowment Challenge Gift of Margaret Vanka Brasko.
Maksimilijan Vanka, Our Mothers 1914-1918 (Naše Majke 1914.-1918.), ca. 1918-19, oil on canvas, 54 x 72.5 inches, James A. Michener Art Museum, Michener Art Endowment Challenge Gift of Margaret Vanka Brasko.


Vanka’s Our Mothers and the First World War

Thursday, May 27th @ 6:30PM (ZOOM Webinar)

Dr. Cook explores Maksimilijan Vanka’s original political motivations for painting Our Mothers 1914-1918 in Zagreb at the end of the First World War. Almost two decades later, he re-contextualized the painting in an immigrant’s narrative in the mural  Croatian Mothers Raise Their Sons for War in Saint Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church.

Presented by: Dr. Heidi Cookassistant professor of Art, Art History, and University Art Gallery Director

Host: Dr. Barbara McCloskey, director of Graduate Studies and professor, Department of History of Art & Architecture, University of Pittsburgh

The program is free but registration is required. Donations to support the Vanka Murals mission including this program are greatly appreciated and may be added to your registratio.


Memorial Day Tour: In honor and remembrance of veterans


Docents for this tour are veteran Ken Rozyicki and Emily Ross. Their personal connections to the military infuse their interpretation of Vanka’s depiction of war in the murals. They’ll reflect on Vanka’s anti-war sentiments and the impact of his service in the Red Cross during WWII.

The tour is 60 minutes.

Admission is $10. Use the code SERVICE for a complimentary admission for the veteran(s) in your group.

Masks and registration are required. Space is limited.

Croatian Mother Raises Her Son for War Mural

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People power: Volunteer with us

Tour of the murals

Our mission to Save Maxo Vanka and share his incredible work relies on the time and talent of many. We’d love for you to join us.

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Volunteer opportunities



Do you have a passion for the murals? Are you interested in helping to ensure their future? Please consider becoming a member of the Vanka Murals Board of Directors. Learn more to get involved, especially if you have experience with arts education, merchandising, legal work, community engagement.

Tour Docent

Ready to share your love of the murals with others? Want to learn more about Maxo Vanka, the inspiration behind his work and their connection to our world today? Join our team and our training will share everything you need to know.

Tour Greeter

Help us make every visit to the Murals one to remember and ensure that we connect with new and returning audiences. Become a Tour Greeter and serve as an ambassador to the public.

Event Planning

Love events? So do we. And we’d love your help with all aspects of our two annual fundraisers

  • Applaud the Light!
  • Cocktails & Conservation

If you’re interested in event sponsorships, promotional partnerships and other ways to support our work, we’d love to hear from you.

Awareness/Audience Building

Join our social media squad or share you love of the murals with your talents, including photography, video, authored pieces, and more.

Expert Assistance

Love the murals? We’d love to meet you. Share your skills:

  • Curatorial training
  • Video production
  • Research/Archivist/Historian
  • Merchandising
  • Strategic/Business Planning
  • Arts Education
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