Welcome to the

Cocktails & Conservation 2019

Art of Social Justice Auction

We are grateful to the talented artists who have donated original art in celebration of Maxo Vanka’s Millvale Murals.


Begins: Friday, May 3rd at 6pm

Ends: Friday, May 10th at 6pm when onsite bidding begins


Begins: Friday, May 10th at 6PM

Ends: Friday, May 10th at 8:45PM

Maximum bid pledges will be accepted for individuals unable to attend the event. It is the bidder’s responsibility to register her/his maximum bid pledge with SPMMMV no later than 5pm on Thursday, May 9th. A maximum bid pledge must be received by email to: or in writing to: SPMMMV, 24 Maryland Ave, Millvale, PA¬† 15209. A maximum bid is not registered until a confirmation email is received.

SPMMMV will not provide real-time updates on bidding and will not solicit an increase in the maximum bid after onsite bidding begins. The winning bids will be displayed online after the close of the auction. Winners not present on May 10th will be notified by Monday, May 13th.

(Partial listing only. Some items are not available online.)