“My walls have claimed me, every inch of the church must be painted.” — Maxo Vanka


Mural Images

Murals_0807b Murals_0809 Murals_1529 Murals_1521 Murals_1545
Murals_3377 Murals_3380 Murals_3394 Murals_4196 Murals_4217
Murals_4879 Murals_4873 Murals_5219 Murals_5240 Murals_6103
Murals_6122 Murals_6125 Murals_6127 Murals_soldier Murals_st_john2
Murals_st_luke Murals_st_mark Murals_st_matthewMurals_vanka_pieta2 Murals_top















Photo credit to Renee Rosensteel

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